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At the Spanish Basketball Academy, our comprehensive basketball program, led by experienced coaches with a track record of developing NBA and Euroleague players, is uniquely designed to unleash the full potential of each player. 


Elite Season Program / ProCamp / Individualiced Training

Our structured program offers a dynamic blend of team practices, skill sessions, and personalized training: 

Skill Sessions

Individual or Small Group Practices Tailored to Your Position

One Hour Dedicated to Shooting Technique Perfection 

Team Practices

Moreover, our program offers additional advantages to optimize your training experience: 

Academic development holds utmost significance in shaping the growth of our student-athletes. At SBA, we have curated a diverse range of academic programs meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of our players and their families. 


Elite Season Program

Unlimited Access to the Gym and Court Every Day 

Unlimited Use of a Personalized Shooting 

Training Clothes Laundry Service 

At SBA, we go beyond standard basketball training, providing a comprehensive and tailored program that not only challenges but also nurtures the individual strengths of each aspiring player, fostering an environment conducive to reaching the highest levels of the sport. 

For high school undergraduates, we present three distinctive options: 

spanish School
american international school
Online School

In addition to these programs, we take pride in offering SAT and TOEFL courses to aid in the preparation for university access. Furthermore, we provide a range of other courses tailored for both undergraduate and graduated students, ensuring a comprehensive academic foundation for their future endeavors. 

• American International School: Our bilingual English-Spanish program is specifically crafted to empower student-athletes to graduate with an official diploma from the United States of America. This tailored program ensures that our players can achieve optimal academic performance while effectively managing the demands of high-level basketball.

• Spanish School: Designed for student-athletes seeking an immersive experience, this program allows them to enroll in a Spanish school featuring a bilingual Spanish-English curriculum, coupled with the PMAR adaptation program for foreign students. While mastering the Spanish language may pose a challenge, this initiative provides a valuable opportunity for our student-athletes to acquire linguistic proficiency.

• Online School: Recognizing the diversity of our student body, SBA offers an online schooling option for families and players who prefer to continue with their country of origin's educational system. Through this flexible approach, academic tutors closely monitor the daily progress of our student-athletes, ensuring a seamless integration of academics with their sporting commitments.

SAt, TOEFL and ielts Preparation
Linguistic Mastery and Academic Reinforcement

Physical and conditioning workouts stand as fundamental components for aspiring professional basketball players. At SBA, we wholeheartedly commit to optimizing your physical potential, guiding you towards the realization of your dream to become a professional basketball player. Our dedicated strength and conditioning program are meticulously crafted to address individual player needs while contributing to the overarching physical plan for the team. Our goal is to foster each player's physical and motor development, tailoring our training to meet the specific demands of basketball.


Designed by Jose Moreno, a certified Strength and Conditioning Trainer with expertise in NBA player development, our comprehensive physical abilities workout encompasses strength, endurance, speed, coordination, mental agility, and flexibility. Moreover, we empower players by imparting training routines and injury prevention techniques, instilling autonomy for independent workouts in their future professional endeavors.


At SBA, we pride ourselves in utilizing the best and latest technology and machines available in the market. This cutting-edge equipment aids us in enhancing the effectiveness of our training programs and facilitates meticulous monitorization of player developments.


    • For U14 players, our focus centers on developing coordinative abilities, agility, aerobic and anaerobic endurance, basic strength, and bodyweight training. Instruction on gym and running techniques is also provided to prepare them for the next category.

    • U16 players benefit from basketball-specific endurance training and personalized strength and physical development plans, addressing individual needs. Guidance on growth and bulk-up plans appropriate for their age is also a key aspect.


    • U18 and senior players, our primary emphasis shifts to strength training, aiming to transform them into the strongest, most explosive, fastest, and defensively skilled players on the court. We integrate diverse training techniques, including gym, pool, outdoor, and basketball court exercises, with a special focus on small-sided games and basketball-specific scenarios that allow players to apply their physical abilities in high-performance situations.

In summary, our holistic training approach centers on enhancing players' physical abilities to elevate their on-court performance. We are unwaveringly committed to supporting their journey toward becoming elite athletes. 


Elite season program / ProCamp / Individualiced Training

Our comprehensive strength and conditioning program encompass the following training sessions: 

Two gym sessions:

2.5 hours in total

One position-specific physical session:

1 hour (customized to each

player's playing position) 

Two recovery sessions in the swimming pool and hot/cold jacuzzis: 2 hours

On-court physical conditioning:

1.5 hours

One swimming session:

0.5 hours

Physical development monitoring program for the player

One prevention or proprioception session:

1 hour

At the Spanish Basketball Academy, we are immensely proud to have Dr. Juan Carlos Martinez leading our Health and Recovery program. With over two decades of expertise working with NBA and Euroleague players, Dr. Martinez heads our team with a steadfast commitment to the well-being and optimal recovery of our student-athletes. Recognizing the significance of injury prevention, treatment, and recovery in the development of elite basketball players, we provide our players with a dedicated physiotherapist who delivers personalized care utilizing the latest technology and evidence-based techniques.

In the realm of sports, injuries are commonplace and bring physical, economic, and emotional ramifications. Athletes undergo unique strains and stresses, necessitating a specialized approach to treatment and recovery. Our sports physiotherapist plays a pivotal role in managing injuries, from assessment and necessary medical referrals to on-court sport readaptation and the application of various physical techniques to support the healing process. Collaborating closely with coaches, our physiotherapist develops structured prevention programs tailored to address players' specific weaknesses and muscle imbalances.

The benefits of our program for players are extensive, encompassing reduced injury risk and recurrence, individualized treatment plans, psychological support, and personalized rehabilitation plans with defined timelines for returning to play. Comprehensive player evaluations at the start of the season, including functional and physical tests, anthropometric measurements, and a review of injury history, inform the development of personalized injury prevention plans.

Our injury prevention program comprises monthly group sessions and individualized programs based on each player's physical and functional characteristics. Housed in the SBA Arena, our physiotherapy clinic offers personalized treatments and rehabilitation plans, with access to gym facilities and expert physical trainers. We meticulously structure pre-effort and recovery routines for practices and games, incorporating the latest evidence-based techniques. The physiotherapist provides on-court first aid assistance during games and practices, collaborating with coaches and physical trainers to determine optimal timelines for returning injured players to play.

Our program undergoes careful planning and monitoring, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our players. Regular evaluations track player progress, allowing us to adjust treatment plans as needed and provide ongoing support throughout the recovery process. Our collaborative team of experts, including the physiotherapist, doctor, and physical trainers, work in unison to uphold the highest standards of care for our student-athletes.

Moreover, at SBA, we understand that physical performance is intrinsically linked with mental strength. Hence, we integrate sports psychology into our program, offering specialized psychological support to assist athletes in managing the pressures, anxiety, and emotional challenges of competitive sports. This holistic approach ensures that our athletes receive comprehensive care and the necessary support to excel both physically and mentally in the demanding world of professional basketball.


Elite season program / ProCamp / Individualiced Training

At the Spanish Basketball Academy, we are dedicated to equipping our student-athletes with cutting-edge recovery tools and services, including: 

Unlimited access to Normatec recovery systems (pressotherapy) 

Unlimited access to hot

and cold tubs 

Unlimited access to Game Ready (cryotherapy and pressotherapy) 

Unlimited access to the yoga

and recovery room 

InBody, the latest and best technology machine in the market for body composition measurements and other advanced assessments. 

Unlimited access to the Theragun recovery station (muscular percussion) 

Additionally, our team of doctors and physiotherapists offers specialized services, such as physiotherapy sessions for addressing injuries and supporting recovery, magnetotherapy to reduce pain and inflammation, dry needling to release trigger points and improve muscle function, cupping therapy to promote healing and reduce pain, and bandages/ functional bandages to support recovery and prevent further injuries. 

At the SBA, we prioritize the well-being and comfort of our student-athletes through our exceptional Academy Residence. Designed to complement their rigorous training and development, our residence boasts a range of amenities and services tailored to enhance their overall experience.


Elite season program / ProCamp

Shared Rooms with Maximum Comfort and Privacy 

Heating and Air Conditioning 

Private Bathroom and Shower Facilities 

Spacious Living Room for Relaxation and Socializing 

High-Speed Wi-Fi Throughout the Residence 

Laundry Facilities for Personal Use 

On-Site Physiotherapist and Recovery Room 

Dedicated Study Room for Academic Success

State-of-the-Art Gym Equipment 

At the SBA, our Academy Residence goes beyond offering mere accommodations; it provides a supportive and enriching environment that aligns with the holistic development of our aspiring basketball talents. 

At the Spanish Basketball Academy, we prioritize proper nutrition for peak athletic performance. Tailoring our meal plans to individual physiological needs, including dietary preferences related to religion, culture, or lifestyle, we advocate for a customized approach. Embracing the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet adapted for elite athletes, our carefully crafted dishes feature fresh and nutritious ingredients, such as pasta salad, paella, steak with green beans, and vegetarian options. Our commitment extends beyond nourishment, as we ensure meals are not only nutritious but also delectable, providing the energy our student-athletes require. With a dedicated team of nutritionists and chefs, we strive to offer a comprehensive training approach at the Spanish Basketball Academy. 


Elite season program / ProCamp

Some of the dishes served at the

Spanish Basketball Academy include: 

Usual day












-   08:30

-   10:00

-   12:30

-   13:15

-   15:30

-   17:00

-   18:30

-   20:30

-   21:15

-   22:00












Elite season program

Vegetarian salad 

Beef meatballs with tomato sauce and peas

Spaghetti Bolognese 

White fish with grilled vegetables 


Pasta salad 

Steak with green beans 

Yellow rice with vegetables (Paella) 

Spanish omelette

Grilled fish with baked potatoes

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