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Experience excellence at our SBA exclusive basketball court, a space where every detail is crafted for athletic success. Proudly equipped with FIBA category 1 floating parquet, it provides a world-class playing surface, optimizing every jump and movement. Moreover, our baskets meet FIBA category 1 standards, ensuring a top-level training and playing experience. This state-of-the-art facility is designed for both basketball beginners and high-performance athletes. With specialized equipment like our advanced shooting machine and a dedicated pavilion, we create an exceptional training environment. Here, each player has the opportunity to develop their skills on a court that blends passion for basketball with the finest technical conditions. Our court is more than a sports space; it's a symbol of our commitment to quality and excellence in player development.


Step into the SBA gym area, a fitness haven crafted for basketball athletes. Our strength training zone is furnished with the latest in weights and machines, ideal for building strength and enhancing physical performance. The cardio area, equipped with state-of-the-art treadmills and bikes, is aimed at boosting endurance and fitness levels. We stand out in offering innovative equipment, such as weight vests and oxygen masks, essential for advanced and targeted training. The skill development and basketball-specific exercise areas are crafted to refine crucial skills, ensuring comprehensive training. At SBA, every aspect of our gym contributes to the exceptional development of our players, blending technique with innovation to achieve athletic excellence.


SBA's physiotherapy room is a sanctuary of recovery and body care, equipped with the latest technologies to ensure our athletes' well-being. We offer unlimited access to Normatec recovery systems (pressotherapy), Game Ready (cryotherapy and pressotherapy), hot and cold tubs, and a dedicated yoga and recovery room. Additionally, we feature a Theragun recovery station (muscular percussion) and the market-leading InBody machine for body composition measurements and advanced assessments. This space is designed to provide our athletes with the best care, enabling swift and effective recovery. Here, health and physical performance are addressed with a holistic approach, combining cutting-edge techniques with a serene environment conducive to total recovery.


At SBA, the study room and living room are key areas for our students' academic development and social life. We offer three tailored educational programs to suit every student's needs: American International School, Spanish School, and International Online School, along with SAT and TOEFL exam preparation. Our study room, with its quiet atmosphere and high-quality learning resources, is ideal for individual study and exam preparation. In contrast, the living room offers a cozy and relaxed space, perfect for relaxation and social interaction, where students can share experiences and build friendships. At SBA, we understand the importance of balancing education and personal time, and these areas are designed to promote both academic success and the emotional well-being of our athletes.

Lounge and study room

The changing rooms at the Spanish Basketball Academy are meticulously designed to offer comfort and privacy, fully customized to meet the specific needs of each player and the club. Equipped with modern facilities such as private showers and bathrooms, they also feature heating and air conditioning systems that ensure a comfortable environment all year round. Customization extends to maintenance and cleanliness, which are prioritized, reflecting the academy's commitment to excellence, discipline, and the well-being of all its athletes. These spaces not only facilitate physical preparation but also strengthen the team's identity and foster a sense of belonging among the players.


At SBA, we offer a unique training and recovery experience with our three specialized pools. The first is a long pool, designed for aquatic training and endurance improvement, perfect for intensive swimming sessions and specific exercises. The second pool, with warm water, is ideal for muscle relaxation and rehabilitation, providing a soothing environment for post-effort recovery. The third, a cold-water pool, is crucial in reducing inflammation and speeding up muscle recovery processes. These facilities are tailored to provide our athletes with the best conditions for their training and recovery, ensuring comprehensive body care and optimal performance at every stage of their athletic development

recovery pools

Discover SBA's accommodations, where comfort and privacy converge to provide the ultimate residential experience for our student-athletes. Our thoughtfully designed shared rooms prioritize rest and rejuvenation, with private spaces ensuring comfort. Each room is equipped with private bathroom and shower facilities, catering to personal hygiene needs. Regardless of the season, our state-of-the-art heating and air conditioning systems guarantee a comfortable living environment. The spacious living room is a welcoming communal space for relaxation and socializing, fostering a strong community among our residents. Personal hygiene and cleanliness are top priorities, with on-site laundry facilities enabling effortless maintenance of personal care routines. High-speed Wi-Fi throughout the residence ensures smooth communication and access to online resources for academic and personal needs. Holistic well-being is our commitment, thus we provide an on-site physiotherapist and recovery room for specialized care. Additionally, our accommodations include a gym with state-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated study room, creating a conducive environment for academic success and maintaining peak physical fitness.


At SBA, our dining room and kitchen are the hub of nutrition and well-being for our athletes. Designed with a modern and welcoming style, they provide a space where players enjoy balanced and personalized meals. The kitchen, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, allows for the preparation of healthy dishes that meet the specific nutritional needs of each athlete. In our dining room, we nourish not just the body but also foster camaraderie and team spirit, essential for building a united team. Each meal is an opportunity for players to recharge, share experiences, and gear up for challenges both on and off the court.

dining room
and kitchen
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